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Live events are fabulous content generators. Everything you see, hear, smell and do is ripe for taking as a content idea. It’s important that you take a notebook or other technology that enables you to keep notes of everything. Don’t rely on your memory as you’ll likely be a little overwhelmed during the event.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are a few ideas for content ideas that you can generate from shows and events.


At live events, people are ripe for sharing. Ask people to be interviewed on camera. Try to get the speakers and event leaders as well as guests to answer one question for your video. Then you can combine them as a video and then repurpose them as other types of content, including blog posts, tweets, and even an eBook or course.


Record people’s voices only answering the questions you have so that you can put them on a podcast. You can also use the audio as notes for blog posts, articles and press releases.


Make transcripts of every video and audio so that you can use it to publish as an eBook, report, white paper, or under the podcast or video as a way to help with website traffic.

Q & A

When anyone asks a question during the event, that question can now be used as fodder for new content from blog posts to eBooks, regardless of the answers given at the time.


Get people to give you video testimonials that you can use in support of attending the event next year. This is especially great if you plan to promote the event as an affiliate, or if it’s already your event.


Collect stories of people who are attending the event that you can use as information to create more content such as books, blog posts, articles and more.

Product Reviews

You can do reviews of the event and the speakers, as well as any products that are sold or promoted at the event. These are always great blog posts.

Live Tweets, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Lives

During the event, you can tweet what is happening via text or images, live stream, or add short snippets to Instagram Stories. Later you can use those tweets if you put a telling hashtag with them, to help you remember what happened so you can make even more content.

Keep your eyes and ears open, listen more than you talk, and so many ideas will come to light that you can use for content after the event. Content ideas can come from everywhere – even your hotel room or the side trip to local tourist destinations – as much as they can come from the event itself. But mostly, the ideas you get will come from the people who are at the event. Immerse yourself in the event, take notes, and the ideas will flow naturally.

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