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Outsourcing business processes is a familiar concept to many small business owners. More and more, small companies are outsourcing their payroll processing, distribution, accounting, and other critical non-strategic functions. However, many business owners don’t truly understand the benefits of outsourcing. Here are the top six benefits you can enjoy when you start outsourcing your business processes.

Increase Business Efficiency

When companies try to do everything themselves, their research, marketing, development and distribution expenses tend to be higher than companies who outsource these tasks. The increase in business costs ends up being passed on to your customers. You can gain a substantial competitive advantage over your competition when you outsource.

Reduce Labor Costs

When you have to hire and train staff for short-term or peripheral projects, it can get costly. Plus, temporary employees won’t always live up to your expectations. You can focus more on your human resources when you start to outsource non-strategic tasks.

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Begin Projects Quickly

High-quality freelancers and good business outsourcing firms have the resources needed to start a project quickly. When you try to handle the same project in-house, it might involve taking weeks or months to hire and train the right individuals. If the project requires significant capital investments, the process can be even more difficult.

Focus on Your Core Business

Every business, both small and large, have limited resources to tackle essential tasks, and every manager has limited time and attention to spend ensuring the success of each project. Outsourcing can help you shift your focus from peripheral activities to activities that serve the customer. Outsourcing is a way to help managers clearly set their priorities.

Reduce Risk

Every investment that you make in your business carries a certain amount of risk. Competition, markets, government regulations, technologies, and financial conditions can all change very quickly. Companies and freelancers that provide outsourcing services assume and manage the risk for you. Their expertise in their field makes them much better at deciding how to avoid risks during the course of a project.

Control Capital Costs

While not the only reason to outsource, cutting costs is a significant factor in making the decision. Outsourcing allows you to convert fixed costs into variable ones, releases capital for you to invest elsewhere in your company and will enable you to avoid significant expenditures when you are first starting out.


There are many benefits a company can gain by outsourcing their business processes. Outsourcing isn’t merely about saving your company money but bringing your business opportunities for growth and long-term profitability.



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