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One thing you need to run your affiliate program is the right software. First, you’ll need to make a list of the features you want. Next, set a budget before you go looking. If you’re bootstrapping, you may want to start off with a cheaper option, but changing affiliate programs can be a major pain in the butt later on.  Take that into consideration if you don’t want a hassle and a half (not to mention frustrated affiliates).  If you’re expecting your business to grow, you need to pick the right software from the beginning to avoid losing affiliate sales later on.

“Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.”- Bo Bennett

Here we’ll feature several popular programs and compare the features at a glance.


Not only does Clickfunnels allow you to build out full landing pages and funnels like crazy (that integrate with everything), they also offer email marketing, autoresponders, and a comprehensive affiliate program called Backpack. You can save a lot of money by going with their Edison Suite option because everything is included and it’s incredibly easy and intuitive to use!


I listed my favorite option first because I think you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck with iDevAffiliate‘s features.  With over 140 integrations, vanity link options for your top affiliates, and their robust social media marketing features, you can’t go wrong with their “Black” pricing option.  It’s $399 one time and includes EVERY feature and plugin with unlimited affiliates (and up to 10 tiers of sub-affiliates.   That works out to only $33.25 per month IF you ONLY use it for one year.  I’m pretty sure that this is one you’ll be sticking with indefinitely though because it’s quite impressive.


JVZoo is free software you can use in the cloud to run an affiliate program and promote your digital products. It has some great integrations with programs like Aweber that make setting up your sequences seamless. You’ll also be part of their marketplace which allows super affiliates to find you and make you passive income by promoting their products to their large email lists.


This is a simple cloud-based affiliate software that starts at only $5.00 per month (for 10 products). Ideal for beginners. The downside of E-Junkie is that it lacks some of the many of the features you may need down the road, (i.e. allowing subscriptions), but it does offer many other features such as easy payouts and hosting of products starting at the $20-month package and up. They offer a free one-week trial to mess around and see if it’s a good fit for you.


This is a very popular affiliate network (that’s been around forever) you can join that will help you run your program in a professional manner. The one drawback is that you don’t own your affiliates, and you will need to ask them to sign up for a separate list or something that enables you to give them more marketing materials to use.


This affiliate program software can work in the cloud or as a download that you upload and run from your own server. There are different levels that you can purchase for the SaaS program that all pretty affordable. In this case, you own your affiliates even though it is a cloud-based service.


Starting at just $69 a month, TapAffiliate is a SaS seamless affiliate program with no coding skills required.  Ideal for the beginner with no coding experience but wants the ability to expand and upgrade as time goes on without changing systems. With free integration support, TapAffiliate will work with just about any of the most popular plugins. They also offer free hosting, fraud detections and support multiple currencies.  A very robust and comprehensive option.


This is a plugin that works with WordPress and other website software. You can even set up a membership website with this software. It’s a one-time purchase that will run you $180 and includes yearly upgrades and excellent customer care.  That’s a steal considering the features!  It works out to $15 a month even if you only use it for one year.  Obviously, the longer you use it, the lower your price per month works out to be.


This is software you’ll purchase and put on your server yourself in order to run your affiliate program. It offers all the typical bells and whistles, allowing people to sign up for the program, grab their code, as well as other marketing collateral that your affiliates will need. Plus it offers a way to pay out your affiliates via PayPal Mass Pay.  This is for the more advanced user and although it’s a one time purchase, runs $699-$1049 with optional paid upgrades.


There are many options out there, so figure out what features you want in your affiliate software, test out a few different systems before picking (many offer a free trial), and then try to stick to particular software so that you don’t run off the affiliates you do attract. But, if you choose a system that fits from the start, you’re not going to want to switch. Don’t be afraid to find an experienced affiliate manager to help you set up your affiliate program to get started fast on the right foot.

One of the services we offer at iAssist Virtually is affiliate set-up and management.  Contact us if this is an area you need help with!

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