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Social media matters and it’s here to stay. It offers individuals and business owners alike a great deal of ability to get the word out about any event or happening. Most people use social media of some kind – and what’s more, they keep it close to them with their mobile devices practically glued to their hands. Your potential customers share everything on social media, from their baby’s first steps to more mundane things like what they’re eating for dinner tonight.

With the number of people on social media increasing more than 176 million in 2016, having a consistent, visible, and relevant presence matters –  now more than ever.  Here are a few ways social media can skyrocket your business to the next level.

Brand Recognition

If you want people to recognize your brand, it’s critical to develop a branded appearance that you use across all social media networks. Use the same logos, Pantone (and/or corresponding hex) colors, fonts, and stay true to your brand at all times.  Incorporate your culture into your brand on as much as possible. For example, don’t post sarcastic memes if you’re a high-profile law firm.  If you’re a hip, cutting edge startup targeting millennials, then this approach may resonate best with your customers.

Slow Marketing Converts

When you provide information over a long period of time, your audience becomes accustomed to your message. Posting testimonials and videos of your services or products in action, they’ll be developing trust.  Using consistent messages exposing them to how you can help them solve their problem, they are more likely to place an order.

Improved Authority

When you post a lot of accurate and helpful information often enough, people start viewing you as an authority on the topic. Once you’re viewed as an authority, you will start profiting more because people will be clamoring to hire you or buy your products.

Increase Brand Loyalty

The more people see your brand out there (and their friends liking and sharing your page and posts), the more loyal they’ll become toward what you offer. Your offerings should represent what your brand stands for and you’ll find that people become more loyal to you if you stick to what you know and believe in.

Increased Traffic to Your Website

Use social media to share and promote your blog posts, new offerings, best sellers, and promotions, will increase the traffic to your website exponentially. One of the best ways to rank higher in search engine results is to be active on social media.

Social Media Matters to Your Budget

Social media is not an expensive form of marketing. It can also be fun. Be careful not to get sidetracked and always be interactive and engaging with your followers. Remember, time is money. Automate what is not direct communication so that you can get more done in less time.  Targeted Facebook ads can get your brand in front of as many or as few people as you desire and don’t often cost much at all.  Test some different ads and see which ones convert best and follow suit with similar ads and posts in the future.

Useful Consumer Engagement

Social media can keep engaged with users in a way you’d never be able to in person. Your business can have deep conversations about many topics and answer hundreds of questions in a day. Just remember to keep it professional and handle controversy carefully.  Never respond to negativity in kind.  Take the high road and ask frustrated customers to give you a call or email you directly.  Then go one step further by offering a refund, or other substitution to make it up to them.  When your business receives praises, be sure to thank each one personally and go out of your way to make them feel special.  Good reviews and publicity are your best friend.

Works with Mobile Devices

Better than most websites and email, social media works effortlessly on mobile devices. Social media and mobile really go hand-in-hand. People take their devices on dates, to the bathroom, and to bed – and whether you agree with those practices or not, you’ve never been closer to your audience than now.  If you’re not participating on social media then you need to change that right now. You don’t have to be everywhere; just find out where your audience hangs out and go there. Then, use that social network to your fullest ability.

social media matters more than you think in business

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If you need help setting up your branded social media accounts, or if you’ve already established your presence but don’t have the time to create a plan or manage your social media account, contact me for a quote!  

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