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Facebook ads are inexpensive, effective, and something any small business owner should be taking advantage of right now. The reason every small business should be running Facebook ads, whether they are sponsored posts or other types of ads, is that they really do work. Here’s why.

People Live on Facebook All Day Long

People use Facebook on PCs and on their mobile devices, and keep it with them all day long. They take Facebook with them to dinner and some people never turn it off.  Browsing Facebook while in the bathroom is pretty common. This is a real chance to connect with your audience that you cannot pass up.  Not only that but only posting to your business page won’t get you in front of your target audience.  You can inexpensively expand your reach while at the same time effectively focusing on your niche customers.

They Are Relevant Due to Extreme Targeting

Facebook allows you to target your individual audience down to their interests and gender, which pages and businesses they already follow, and you can even provide email addresses for the exact people you want to get your message to.

Easy to Include a CTA

The tools that Facebook offers the people who want to run ads help to create compelling CTAs (Call to Action) that your audience will be more likely to answer, whether it’s as easy as liking your page or downloading your app, or arriving on your landing page.

It’s Easy to Make Professional Looking Ads

The tools that Facebook offers let you create professional Facebook ads without having the ability to make ads. They lead you through it with their system to make it simple, so you’re more likely to repeat the process.  You can always create a quick promo graphic on a tool like Canva if you want to add a bit of flair, but that’s not necessary.

Easy to Include Great Value

You can easily include enough information in each ad that shows the value of your offering. With just a few clicks you’ll have an awesome ad that your audience can see the value in. Running special promotions on your ads such as sales or giveaways can increase conversions as well.

They Offer Disruption with Significance

In many cases, people are blind to advertisements, but on Facebook the disruption is noticeable and your audience will want to check it out. This is due to the ability to target the ads so closely to your target audience.  They’re already interested in what you have to offer.

They Are Simple to Create

The ads are easy to create and it gets easier all the time. As Facebook makes the ads work better for business owners and easier to do with a click of a button, they become more relevant, more valuable, and more useful to you as a business owner.  Of course, you need to have the time and desire to create ads and then monitor them for comments, criticisms, and performance.  If this isn’t your cup of tea, outsourcing your Facebook ads to a social media manager is well worth it.

Easy to Run A/B Tests

Due to the ability to duplicate an ad and then easily edit to change one part of the ad such as the title or the image, you can run ads simultaneously. You can even target different audiences to find out which works better.

As you can see, Facebook ads work for a variety of reasons. However, they will only work if you plan them out and spend the time ensuring that you run relevant ads. They must be of value to your audience, grab the attention of the viewer and include a compelling call to action.

Are you ready to 10X your engagement with Facebook Ads? With tons of social media management experience, iAssist Virtually can quickly and inexpensively create & manage the Facebook ads for your business.  Want more information? Comment below or Contact us!

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