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Does the thought of consistently writing compelling content for blog posts stress you out?

You’re not the only one.

I’ve found that if you ask most business online owners what they’d most like to outsource, blog writing is usually right next to cold calling and bookkeeping. Of course, there are exceptions to this but most don’t want to blog and will find any excuse not to.

The problem is, their website traffic suffers tremendously.

Here’s the good news. If you dread blogging or feel like creating compelling content is not a strength of yours, there are many of other ways to produce compelling content on a regular basis.

Guest Blogging or Outsourcing

Guest blogging is still a good way to add content and get in front of lots more people. Other online business owners who DO enjoy blogging are looking for ways to grow their reach, and many would love to appear as a guest on your blog.

If guest blogging isn’t your forte, you could transcribe an interview. You’ll need to supply a list of questions for your interviewee, ask her to email his or her responses and post as a blog article. The interview format is ideal for introducing your target audience to someone they might benefit from.

Outsourcing is the easiest solution to continually post new compelling content on your blog. While it may cost a little money, the time you save is almost always worth the investment. If it takes you 2-3 hours to write a blog post (or more if you’re also coming up with the ideas, formatting, adding images and making sure the SEO looks good), how much money would you otherwise be making if you were using that time to get more clients?

iAssist Virtually offers blog writing, blog management, and SEO services. If this is an area you know would be best left to someone else, please reach out for a quote.

Video and Audio

Video blogs (vlogs) and podcasts are more popular than ever and a wonderful solution if you don’t like to write. With both types of content, all you need to do is talk. You don’t even have to do interviews (although you can exponentially expand your reach if you do), and you don’t have to rent out a studio anymore to create a series of value-filled, professional looking videos.

You really only need one thing to create videos and podcasts. Your laptop. Of course, you could do yourself a favor and upgrade to a Blue Yeti Mic or an HD Camcorder and other equipment, but if you’re just getting started, it’s ok to bootstrap it. It would be wise to have a little editing done, such as intros and outros and cuts when necessary, but that can easily be outsourced as well for very little money. (Yes, we do video and audio editing!)

Content Curation

Most business owners share a mixture of promotional content and curated content on social media. Curated content is other helpful information that you didn’t create, but you know your audience would like and appreciate. Promoting your own content not only gets old, it comes off as spammy and requires you to produce TONS of content.

Enlisting the help of a social media manager (another service we provide) will allow you to focus on only producing your own content while they find golden nuggets from across the web that would complement your brand.

You could write a short blog post on your opinions about someone else’s content, and share that (linking to the original).  You’ll end up driving traffic to your own site instead of someone else’s. It also may spark a conversation with your audience and they’ll share their thoughts as comments.

Only relying on Google to send you traffic is tedious and it takes time to build up a good ranking – even for expert bloggers. If you don’t even like to blog, this can seem impossible. A better way is to encourage sharing on all of your social media pages and keep pointing your followers back to your site. Don’t give up on blogging, instead, explore these other ways of creating content your visitors will enjoy and share.

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