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If you want to be successful in reaching customers online, there are many different types of digital marketing that are important to understand. Each type of marketing requires specialized knowledge and a strategy to ensure that it is effective. Below is an overview of the various types of digital marketing that your business can benefit from.

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1. Search Engine Optimization

Often abbreviated as SEO, this type of marketing covers two types of SEO. First, there is on-page SEO which concerns optimizing each page of your website, social media profiles, blog sites, and so forth with the right terms, navigation, keywords, headlines and so forth. The other type is off-page SEO, which concerns itself with these same things off the pages you control. For example, guest blogging, forum commenting, and anything above board that you can do to get authoritative links back to your website and other online real estate are important for SEO.

2. Pay-Per-Click Marketing

This is really an advertising concept but for these purposes, we’re including it here. Often abbreviated PPC, this consists of any ads that you purchase that charges you for each click that a potential customer makes on the advertisement. The ad brings the lead to your sales page or a landing page.

3. Email Marketing

One of the most lucrative of all types of online marketing, email marketing is performed by using email marketing software like ConvertKit. The software helps you follow the law when it comes to email marketing. Plus, you should also read the laws in your country and other countries (GDPR) regarding email marketing.

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4. Social Media Marketing

Any marketing done on social media networks that brings members, likes, comment, and connections into your product funnel is social media marketing. Social media marketing works best when you’re committed to engaging with your audience.

5. Networking Marketing

In some ways, network marketing and social media marketing go hand-in-hand, but in this case, we’ll separate them out to include local networking and more professional social professional networks online such as membership organizations and more buttoned-up social media like LinkedIn.

6. Community and Relationship-Building Marketing

Thanks to forums, message boards, social media groups and more, you can now build an entire online community which enables you to get closer to them and build relationships with them. Relationships are very important when it comes to online marketing.

7. Location Marketing

Today, you should also consider marketing in your local location but you don’t even have to book a flight to market in many locations using the right search terms and focused content. If your audience is located in a specific place, you can focus all your marketing online and offline to that location. Facebook ads, SEO, Google Adwords, Instagram, and Google My Business can all be used to achieve localized marketing.

8. Affiliate Marketing

This is a wonderful way to get a ton of fans doing a lot of your marketing for you. An affiliate signs up to use your tools to market your products and/or services to their audience, and for each completed sale they get a percentage. You’ll need affiliate software for this and decide on the commission you’ll pay your affiliates for sales.

9. Content Marketing

This type of marketing consists of all forms of content such as videos, blogs, white papers, articles, eBooks, online courses, email series… Anything that consist of content in all its forms is content marketing.

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that you do online, but sometimes it can carry off into offline if you meet up with people in person that you first met online. Digital marketing is all-encompassing and very effective for the smallest to the largest businesses to get more customers and increase their bottom line.

Need help coming up with an effective strategy for your digital marketing? We can help you create a plan and executive it in a way that will bring your business results. Reach out today and let’s decide which of these digital marketing ideas will best fit your business.

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