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An often undervalued area to find video ideas is from your Facebook Group questions and discussions in online forums. These areas offer exceptional ideas to spark new video ideas and help serve your members by answering frequently asked questions. Here are some tips to create helpful videos that can be posted in your Facebook group, on YouTube, embedded in your blog posts, and even used in podcasts.

Look to Your Competition

You don’t have to wait for questions to arise in your own facebook group. Instead, go to the competition’s FB groups and website FAQs to find out what questions are being asked. Formulate answers in video form and post to your website, blog, social media and YouTube.

Check LinkedIn Groups Too

LinkedIn has groups where people start discussions, post articles, and more. Go to the groups that consist of your audience and read the questions they ask. Take any question that relates to your audience and answer it in video form. You can literally find unlimited ideas on LinkedIn.

Read Complementary Facebook Groups

Join a few Facebook groups that consist of your audience, but not necessarily owned by your competitors. When you see people ask questions, don’t worry about reading the answers; just collect the questions and use those as ideas for making future videos, or, since you’re not in direct competition with the group owner, ask to post your video or post during “promo” days.

How to Turn Facebook Group Questions Into Videos

Do a Twitter Search

Look for your niche on Twitter by doing a search on your topic to see if anyone is asking questions about it. Use those questions as your starter for any video you want to create and post to your Facebook group.

Check Pinterest

People don’t really ask questions on Pinterest, but they do post information in the form of images. They often group things together that they’re researching. For example, if you have a food blog, and you want to make videos, you can find great recipes for any genre right on Pinterest. Post the video on your website, create a few pins, and use Tailwind to join and post to other similar tribes to spread your reach.

Help Desk Questions

If you have a help desk, whenever you get a question in there, answer it like you normally do but make it in video form. Send the video to the customer, and then post the video in your FAQ for more help when people are searching, and of course, add all of these to your Facebook group.

Make a Compilation Video

If you find a lot of the same questions being asked, combine all questions into one subject of the video and try to answer them all in one. Still keep the video short, though.

Ask for Questions

A popular type of longer video in Facebook Group is a live Q & A coaching call. Group members are called on to submit questions several days before the video, and then you can let them know when you’re going live to answer them. If you have a consistent day when you ask for questions and give them a “last call” notice, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare in advance.

Making videos for your Facebook group is easy once you realize that ideas are everywhere. Keep a notepad or Evernote at your fingertips so that you can notate ideas immediately. Don’t rely on your memory when you get an idea. Write it down immediately so that you won’t miss out on making that video.

Coming up with great ideas and compiling questions for videos can be time-consuming, but it’s well worth it. This would be an ideal task to delegate to a virtual assistant! Need help? Reach out and we’ll help to give your Facebook group more momentum, value, and members.

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