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Becoming a speaker is a wonderful way to spread awareness about your business, niche, or cause. Also, in many cases, speakers are well-paid to deliver their information to certain audiences. But, first of all – to become a sought-out speaker you need to find your audience, and deliver the information that audience desires in a way that is pleasant and memorable.

Identify Your Audience

Everything starts with your audience, of course. Know who they are, what they need, what their desires are and also what they can afford to reasonable do about their situations. If you can figure all that out, you can craft wonderful speeches with just the right information.

Choose Your Message

As you get to know your audience, you can choose the message you want to impart. Sometimes speakers have more than one speech in their repertoire so that venues and groups can pick between them. Narrow your message down to two or three major solutions for your audience.

Develop Your Speech

Choose one of the three and start developing the speech. Write down notes, and form an outline for the speech. Decide on how long it will be. Sometimes you’ll need versions of your speech in different time lengths for various audiences. But start with a reasonable time of about 20 to 40 minutes.

Write and Publish a Book

Using the information that you are gathering for speeches to write a book will not only help you identify information that you want to give in a speech, but it will also give you something to promote at your talks. Plus, you will be introduced as an author.

Keep Studying

Never stop studying up on your audience and niche. Things change over time and you want to keep your information as current as possible. If your message becomes dated and old, you will not be asked to speak at events as much.


Always practice every single speech you want to give, because you’ll need to change it up a bit to fit in with the particular audience that you give the speech to. While you make it for one audience, you’ll need to narrow it down further when you find out exactly who you’ll be talking to.

Create a “One Sheet”

A “one sheet” is one regular piece of paper that explains what you talk about in your different speeches. It’s also all the information about you on one piece of paper: your background, your expertise, and what you can speak about, plus your contact information.

Promote Yourself

It’s imperative that once you’ve decided to become a speaker, you promote yourself. You may have to give free talks for a little while, but chalk it up as practice to help you build up your reputation. When something is free, ask if you can record it for use later, as this will help you get better.

Becoming a speaker can take your career or business to a whole new level. You’ll be seen far and wide as an expert in your field. You’ll be able to craft more speeches and more talks, in more venues, as you develop your program according to what you want to promote. Normally speaking goes hand-in-hand with the promotion of other products after the speech, even when you’re being paid to do so.

Need help finding events and conferences to grow your business as a speaker? We can research the best collaborations for your business and brand, reach out to event planners to submit your speech topics, create one sheet, and even help with presentations. Let’s chat about growing your business by helping you become a speaker.

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