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Using social media to promote your business can be lucrative if you know what to do to make the most of it. You have to remember that social media marketing is not a short-term game. It takes time and commitment as well as a specific goal in mind.

Complete Your Profiles

Fill out your profiles completely, using keywords that your audience, as well as search engines, would use to find you. Show your personality, link to your online real estate, and make sure people can connect with you easily. Make sure your branding is consistent across all social media platforms you use, and all links are current and active.  Don’t forget to use a call to action in your profiles as well!  What action do you want readers to take?  Tell them exactly what you want them to do.  You could be missing out on opportunities if you don’t.  One more thing – are you using profile pictures and covers that fit the recommended sizes for each platform?  If not, here’s a cheat sheet to help you determine what size graphics to use for each of the big players on social media.

Post Quality Content

When you post anything on social media, take the time to consider whether the content is relevant, has quality components and will give your audience a reason to want to keep following you.  Are you providing something of value to your target audience?

Be In It For The Long Haul

Social media marketing results don’t happen overnight. It can take months of consistent and focused activity to get the outcomes that you want. Don’t expect organic growth to happen right away.  Test, test, and test again and give each strategy several weeks to determine if it’s working or not.  If not, pivot, and try something else.

Engage Strategic Influencers

Use the search function on all social media networks to find movers and shakers within your industry so that you can engage with them. Getting their attention in a good way will help increase your influence too. Consider forming a JV with them and it’s a win-win for both parties.

Avoid Time Wasters

When you get on social media it’s very tempting to start looking at memes, talk to your friends and family, take quizzes, and pretend you’re working. Consider creating your content offline, or batching your posts with a scheduling tool like Buffer, SmarterQueue, or MeetEdgar.  If you really struggle with self-control in this area, here are 10 apps that block distractions.

You Get What You Give

If you want people to comment and share your information, be sure that you do the same for other people. The best course of action is if someone markets to your same audience but is not direct competition. Work together to promote each other.  Review, refer and give testimonials liberally.

Pay for Promotion

When you are trying to get more likes, followers or newsletter sign-ups, it’s a good idea to pay for promotion. On Facebook, you can pay to promote particular posts or run an ad relatively inexpensively. NEVER pay for likes or followers though… you want to pay for promotion, not fake followers. That will come back to haunt you and is dishonest.

Add Value

Don’t just like and tweet things without adding something to the conversation that is important. The more value you can add to social media discussions, the more people will want to get to know you and follow, friend, and like you.  Be authentic, don’t self-promote (let your fans do that!), and don’t be a brown noser either.  People can see right through that and it will do far more harm than good.

Using social media to promote your business is a great way to get more visitors to your website and make more sales. However, you have to be willing to be committed to taking the time to do what it takes to reach your goals. Avoid pretending to “work” on social media while you’re really just socializing. Set specific goals, develop tactics to reach the goals, and you will be successful.

Need help strategizing and managing the ever-expanding social media tasks for your business?  We’d LOVE to come up with plans, content, creation, and engagement ideas for you!  Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can serve you best.

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