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It’s very important to get as much feedback from your customers as possible. Sometimes it can be difficult to ask for the feedback but there are times when you should. If you’re not getting natural feedback then do what you can to get more. Feedback can help you make your products and services better, as well as help you identify gaps in your product offerings.

Follow Up Often

When someone buys a product or uses a service, it’s important to give them an opportunity to tell you what they think. Most people will not just naturally give feedback unless they are super mad about something. Using email to follow up with customers is an excellent way to get the information that you seek.

Send a Survey

Once a customer has purchased from you, another way to find out how they felt about the products and services is to send a short survey to customers only. Ask the right questions so that you can get a lot of emotionally-based information from them.

Start a Customer Only Forum

You can use a message board on a website, or you can even start a customer only group on Facebook. This will help you get a lot of interesting feedback simply by watching and observing how the customers themselves interact and talk about your products.

Ask for Comments on Your Blog

When you post something on your blog, be sure to actually ask for comments that help provide insight into how customers are using your products. You can even make blog posts or video blogs to expand on various comments.

Ask for Product Reviews

If you really want reviews on your products and services, ask directly for them. Give them a link to your review software on your website, or send them to your business LinkedIn profile. Alternatively, you can ask them for a review with a picture and offer them a link to your website in exchange.

Have a Contest

Yes, you can have a contest that will help you learn more about what your customers think of your products and services. Ask for video reviews or blog posts to be written about your products and or services. You may be surprised by what they say.

Host Customer Only Google Hangouts

A Google Hangout with customers only is a fabulous way to learn more from your customers about what they like and don’t like about your products. People tend to be more forthcoming in a casual setting where they know what they say counts.

Ask Them How They Use Your Products

A really interesting thing to do is to ask your customers to tell you what is their favorite way to use your product. You may learn new uses for your own products or services that you had not considered. The more information you can gather from your customers, the better. It’s not always going to just come naturally.

You need to make it easy for your customers to tell you what they think about your products and services, by offering them easy to fill out surveys that are short and to the point, with open-ended questions too.

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