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Creating a membership site is an exciting process, but it can be hard to think of what to include in your membership. Most memberships have similar offerings, and you should at least stick to the basics. But, don’t stop there. The more you can pack into your membership, the more in demand your membership will become.

1. Glossary

This could be a list of terms, as well as a list of resources for the members to better understand the terms used in the content, information products, videos, and forum. Let them know upfront everything that you can.

2. Message Board or Facebook Group

The most popular membership websites have a forum or message board for members to speak to each other as well as to the leaders and coaches who are running the membership site. If you can have a members-only Facebook group, even better. It builds community, and some people will stay long past using the other resources just for the message board if it’s active.

3. Permanent and Temporary Content

You want both permanent and temporary content to continuously flow through the membership site. Some content should be around all the time and some should drip in based on where the person is in the membership. This will keep people at your membership and wondering what’s coming up next.

4. Videos

Including video is always a good thing in a membership site. Whether it’s a “how to” do something, interviews, courses, or something else, video always livens up a membership site. You can use PowerPoint and your own voice to product videos easily.

Eight Resources to Include in Your Membership Program

5. Courses

Learning how to do something is a good reason to join a membership site and if you have a few courses that your members can get a certificate for finishing, all the better. It will make them want to stick around.

6. Information Products

At least once a month, include a full-fledged new information product for the membership to use and implement. Information products can include guides, video, cheat sheets, mini-courses, and more but can also be sold individually on their own outside of the membership.

7. Checklists

People love having checklists that they can follow along with to get things done. You can include checklists about how to use the membership as well as checklists about how to do something your niche wants to do. There are so many options for you to fill your membership with useful things for your audience.

8. You

The most important resource to include in your membership site is you. You must be directly involved with the forum, with making videos, with writing content and as a cheerleader for your members. That’s why they are joining, after all.

Filling your membership with useful and unique resources will become your goal and passion as your membership grows. You’ll get ideas directly from the members, so don’t worry. The important thing is to get started with a minimum and build as you go to make your membership more valuable with each passing month.

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