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Rather than wearing every hat, every day, small business owners should consider which regular activities you can outsource so you can have more time to complete higher-level activities like business development and project management. Great leaders understand that they are more productive when they outsource tasks that don’t generate any revenue but are essential for business operations. Here are some of the best activities small businesses should outsource.



The fuel of small businesses is marketing, as the effort you spend on marketing is directly related to your sales results. You can outsource your marketing efforts to a consultant or specialist so you can focus on closing the next sale. You can find people to help you develop downloadable content for your website, conduct email marketing campaigns, produce media pitches, and other various marketing-related tasks.



Unless you’re a Certified Public Accountant or run an accounting firm, you shouldn’t be doing your own payroll. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can quickly find yourself in trouble with the IRS. When you hire an outside company to complete your payroll, you can rest assured that you and your staff won’t have any issues when it comes time to pay taxes.

Best Activities for Small Businesses to Outsource

Social Media Marketing

Your social media presence helps to develop your brand identity. Social media marketing agencies and professionals can handle developing your social media strategy, content development, and social promotion for your business. Performing these tasks in-house can be time-consuming and often difficult to remain consistent. Given the right amount of time, a social media professional can help your marketing efforts flourish.



Bookkeeping is the number one task that many business owners neglect. However, it is one of the most critical tasks to perform to determine where your company stands and what adjustments are needed to reach your goals. Seasoned bookkeepers can complete your accounting work faster and more accurately, allowing you always to see where your business stands financially.

Administrative Support

Utilizing virtual assistants is a cost-effective way for you to handle routine tasks in your business. They can help you with maintaining your schedule, database, email newsletters, blog maintenance, invoicing, collections, and email management.


Working with remote workers can help you eliminate the wasted effort of trying to be all things in your small business. By outsourcing some of your non-strategic business activities, you can gain greater peace of mind as you grow your small business.

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