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You’ve built an awesome membership program and now you need to get members. Members will bring in regular income on a monthly basis that you can count on. But, first you have to get the attention of your target audience. You do that by promoting your membership program in a variety of ways.

1. Social Media

Not only should you post information in your updates about your membership, but you should also put information about your membership program in your profile. On LinkedIn, for example, you can even put videos and other information for viewers to see so that they can get more information.

2. Blog Posts

Create a lot of blog posts leading up to the launch of your membership program. Discuss problems, solutions, and how your group fits in. You can put the posts in different formats like videos to get even more reach.

3. PPC Ads

Social media like Facebook is a good place to run pay-per-click ads about your membership because you can laser target your audience using the tools provided.

4. Affiliate Marketers

Let other people market your group by setting up an affiliate program. Offer your affiliates all the tools, graphics, emails, posts and more to help them promote your membership.

5. Webinars

A popular and effective way to promote your new membership program is to have a webinar that offers some solutions to the problems of the target audience. At the end of and throughout the webinar, promote the membership program as an extra form of help.

6. Email Marketing

Using these other venues, get people onto your email list. Then send them a series of emails educating them about their problems and how the membership is the solution.

7. A Great Sales Page

Your sales page for your membership is very important. There are a lot of tools you can use to ensure that you create a good sales page, like Clickfunnels which also hosts your membership site and integrates a built-in affiliate system.

8. Magazines

You can put advertisements in specific magazines that have to do with your niche. Trade magazines often have cheaper advertising costs than popular general magazines, so look for the right niche magazine.

9. Personal Networking

Whether in person or online, networking is an important component of helping spread the word about your membership program. Tell everyone you know that you have it when the opportunity comes up.

Promoting your membership program is imperative if you want to get enough members. You can’t build it and expect them to automatically find you. You have to be proud of what you’ve created, and get your membership program to more people who are in your target audience by promoting it.

Need help with the technical aspects of setting up and promoting your membership program? We can do that! From lead pages to sales funnels,  creating a membership area, and even promotions and paid ads, we’re ready to launch with you! Reach out today.

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