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How Virtual Assistance Has Changed the Way We Do Business

The advent of fast wifi has changed the workforce forever. Outsourcing has been common since the 1980s but at that point, a contractor still had to come into the office to get information and take it to their office to get the work done. Now, a virtual assistant can...

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Developing a Content Marketing Mindset

Today, marketing really is all about online content. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, developing a content marketing mindset is going to be more lucrative than marketing offline. Most people don’t run to the phone book anymore when looking for a...

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How to Optimize Overall Customer Experience

Today, brands have to go a lot further to please their customers than in the past. The customer experience is important to the point of brands having to consider the experience of one user over the masses. After all, you want each customer to come away with a relevant...

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How to Tell Your Brand’s Unique Story

In order to tell your brand’s unique story, it’s important to deviate from simple blog posts and regular forms of content. Your story is a compilation of all that you do and all that you are. It starts with your idea, your business card, your website, and every...

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8 Things You Must Know Before You Approach a Blog Owner

Guest blogging on popular blogs can help you spread awareness as well as help you build up your reputation as someone with knowledge and authority. But first, you need to know the best way to approach a blog owner with your pitch. There are some pitfalls to avoid and...

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The iAssist Virtually Credo:

Guided by integrity.

Disciplined and determined to transform your business with courageous and purposeful growth.

Our strength comes from continuous learning and not being afraid of a challenge.

We have faith in your mission and strive to serve you well.

Our goal is to make your life easier, more productive, and purposeful by providing strategy, systems, and results.

If you are guided by loyalty, values, and high moral standards, we’d be a great fit.

social media package


– Includes set-up of Social Media accounts if needed.

– Creation of Facebook ads (client pays for ad costs).

– Posts are consistent with your message & brand.

– Giveaway campaigns including content creation & management if needed.

wordpress management


-Sourcing (if needed) and scheduling content.

-Includes royalty-free images, source links, & backlinks.

-Promoting of each post on social media account(s) if needed.

-Includes weekly updates, backups, comment monitoring.

-Website development and design. From re-branding and theme changes to building a fully responsive website from scratch. Yes, we build e-commerce sites too!


– Setting up and integrating sales funnels

– Copy and graphics included

– Email autoresponders created, set-up and integrated.

– Strategizing and planning for webinars, summits, etc.

Most Popular 25 Hour Virtual Assistant Package


-Includes Social Media Services

-Includes WordPress Management & Content Creation if needed.

-Includes WEEKLY 30 minute touch base calls for strategizing

-PLUS General VA services


-Systematize your business

-Team building initiatives.

-Weekly strategy calls.

-PLUS Management of multiple projects, ensuring everything gets done in a timely manner with top-notch quality.

-PLUS PM services custom tailored to your business.

-We’ll work with your existing team or create a new highly specialized team.


-Top of the line package for entrepreneurs who want to be as “hands-off” as possible.

-Includes benefits and services of all other packages if needed.

-We act on your behalf by managing projects & strategizing goals in line with your vision and budget.

-Comprehensive support by a team of highly-qualified individuals handling every aspect of your business.

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